1. Introduction


Soil Microscopy

Thin sections preparation

From 3D to 2D


Soil microscopy: micromorphography and micromorphology

Microscopy is a method of studying undisturbed soil samples with the help of microscopic techniques (and sometimes with ultramicroscopic ones), in order to identify their constituents, determine their mutual relations in space and time and interpret their formation conditions.

Special care has to be taken to ensure that the soil sample does not suffer from any deformation during the phase of sampling, transport and obtaining the thin sections (microscopic preparations).

In order to carry out a microscopic study of the soil, a preparation of the sample that does not alter the soil structure and a petrographic microscope are required.

We propose two terms within the concept of Soil Microscopy: micro-morphography and micromorphology.

We define micromorphography as the descriptive technique of the characteristics the soil shows on a microscopic level, while micromorphology uses these characteristics to make interpretations, generally on the soil formation processes. In this programme, we will deal exclusively with soil thin section description. Interpretation will be covered in a second programme.


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