Scientific registration nº : 8044

Symposium nº : 44

Presentation : Education Exhibit


Interactive computer programme for demostration of micromorphological aspects of clay illuviation processes in soils





Departamento de Edafología y Química Agrícola. Facultad de Ciencias.Universidad de Granada. Spain.


This is an interactive computer programme for demonstration of macro and micromorphological aspects of elluviation/illuviation processes in soils.
The program is divided into four parts:
1.- Classification
2.- Origin
3.- Stages
4.- Techniques of recognition
Each of these parts is presented in an interactive way and explains the different topics of the part under consideration.
In the part on classification following features are shown: coatings, hypo-coatings, infillings and fragments. All existing types are shown and subdivided according to their internal particle size and fabric; also illuviation features in calcareous materials are presented and discussed.
In the second part the origin of this process is visualized in a simple way.
In the part on stages the primary or aerobic illuviation is shown, the requirements to be fulfilled, even as the various components which accompany or may accompany the clay. Also the secondary or anaerobic illuviation is shown together with its requirements and expressions.
In the fourth part only the identification features, micromorphologically distinguishable, are shown and attention is paid to coatings on voids, aggregates and coarse grains.
Each of these parts contains a final test for self-evaluation by the user. These test are a combination of texts and corresponding microphotographs, taken under different working conditions. After showing the student the corresponding images, a series of questions is raised introducing him in the description and interpretation of various questions.