Gigaimages / virtual microscope


Illuviation in a sandy loam texture horizon

4Ct Horizon from a calcic cutanic Luvisol. Thin section C7-7. 


Low/medium magnifications
Low/medium magnifications


Micromorphological features

After browsing these images you should have found, at least, the following characteristics 


Sands of: C, quartz; Fk, K-rich feldspar (orthoclase); Mc, microcline; Pl, plagioclase; M, moscovite; Q, quartzite.

Gravels of: gQ, quartzite.

p, voids; A, clay cotings (clay films).

Left side image only with poloarizer, the one on the right side with crossed nicols.


Imperfections of these thin sections

Obtaining thin sections from such a heterogeneous material (the soil), is a very complex and arduos task; thus, microscopic preparations usually include some imperfections, just as in the examples below, that must be recognized so that they are not confused with soil features.

The anisotropy of the inclusion resin of this thin section appears after a series of irregularities situated preferably over the mineral grains.
In some cases, the mineral grains can detach while sanding and smoothing down the thin section, thus, exihibiting a large relief.



Soil data

The profile

The landscape

General features

Morphology, phisical and chemical analysis



This soil was studied by Pilar Alonso Rojo in her PhD Thesis "Cronosecuencias de suelos en la cuenca del rio Tormes". Salamanca. 1989.