Gigaimages / virtual microscope


Iluviation/rubefaction in a clayey horizon.

Bt Horizon of a red mediterranean soil developed over slates in Villanueva de la Serena (Badajoz).

Red intense Horizon and plenty illuviation clay

Thin section JB-163.

aumentos bajos/medios
aumentos bajos/medios

Micromorphologic features

After browsing these images you should have found, at least, the following characteristics (image on the left with polarizer only and the one on the right with crossed nicols).

Aip, illuvial clay integrated in basal plasma
Ah, illuvial clay in the void of a wall  
Remarkable  birefringent fabric in one direction (parallel striated)
Fe oxides nodule with quartz grains  

Slate grain


This thin section belongs to Dr. Josefina Benayas' colection at the CSIC's Ciencias Agrarias Institute in Madrid