Gigaimages / virtual microscope

Clear illuviation in a Bt Horizon with clay texture.

Thin section DelArco9-2. Bt1 Horizon.




Micromorfological features

After browsing these images you should have found, at least, the following characteristics.

Clay coatings  of illuvial origin in the pores. Pay attention to the strong orientation of the crossed nicols and the different color and clear bounderies with the polarizer only.
Iluvial clay coating in pores  
Iluvial clay coating in pores  
Monostriated and parallel striated birefrigent fabrics (pressure clay orientation, no illuviation)
Sand grains

Ai, illuvial clay; Ap, pressure clay
p, voids; pc, channel
Q, quartz; O, orthose; M, microcline
ex, excrements

On the left, with polarizer only; on the right, crossed nicols.

Soil data

The profile

The landscape

General features


Physical and chemical analysis

Micromorphologic images


This soil was studied by Juan Del Arco in his PhD Thesis.