4. Pedofeatures




They are voids filled with, or partially filled, with soil, or some fraction of it. For a pedofeature to be classified as an infilling and not as a coating, it must occupy more than 90% of the void (this value only applies to dense infillings). This percentage defined in the "Handbook" seems to be excessive and it would be a good idea to decrease it to 70%, for example.

They are often textural (clay) carbonates and gypsum accumulations.

The following subtypes can be distinguished:


Dense complete. The void is completely filled.

Clay infillings are very frequent:


gypsum infillings are also very frequent:

Dense incomplete. The infilling is continuous, but there are some empty spaces.

Loose continuous. The infilling consists of grains, aggregates, crystals or excrements regularly distributed throughout the entire void. Below there is an example of a gypsum infilling, another of carbonates and another of pyrite.

Loose discontinuous. They are irregularly distributed, isolated or forming clusters.


Key to infillings


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