1. organic fragment composed of more than 5 connecting cells,

1.1. belonging to more than one tissue type : organ residue (specify type of organ);

1.2. other, composed of only one type of tissue: tissue residue (specify type of tissue)

2. other organic fragments composed of groups of 5 or less interconnected cells or individual cells: cells

3. other areas of holo-organic matter without recognizable cell structure amorphous organic fine material.

3.1. amorphous organic fine material of uniform colloidal texture, with less than 5% inclusion of coarser organic elements, showing desiccation cracks in sections of air dried material: monomorphic material

3.2. other amorphous organic fine material with more than 5 % coarser organic elements included: polymorphic material

4. other organic material occurring as very dark or opaque grains of about 1 mm in the inorganic micromass: punctuations

5. other organic material staining the inorganic micromass: organic pigment